Documented Cases – The Acoustic Leak Locator

Documented Cases

The Acoustic Leak Locator (ALL™) has been in service since 1991, with the original installation at Alabama Power Company’s Gaston Station. Since then, over 90 different locations in 10 countries have installed the ALL™ system, with over 2,000 sensors in service.

Tube Leaks

Baltimore Gas & Electric and   Dayton Power & Light

  • Average 12 hours of downtime saved for each leak
  • Stuck soot blower discovered prior to major damage
  • Repair crews in and out in 8 hours

Cinergy and  American Electric Power

  • Complete outage avoided because ALL™ determined that there were no leaks while malfunctioning makeup water sensors indicated leaks

Mississippi Power

  • Faulty soot blower shutoff valve detected during initial system setup

Alabama Power

  • Main steam line leak detected before penthouse was damaged

Steam Line Monitoring

Cleveland Electric

  • Internal valve leak discovered 3 months prior to any audible/visible warning
  • Valve repaired during scheduled outage – saved on replacement power
  • Only seals damaged

Feedwater Heaters

CISE (Italy)

  • Experience has shown that monitored FW heaters have only 1 or 2 leaking tubes
  • Better heat rate when returned to service
  • Limits eventual retubing

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