Acoustic Leak Locator for Utilities

The Problem:

  • High pressure leaks cause extensive damage to adjacent components
  • Normal detection methods (manual inspection, makeup water use, temperature monitoring) can only find leaks of significant size that are already causing major damage
  • Undetected leaks can cause unexpected downtimes
  • Downtime cost can be significant, based on:
    • the number of tubes needing repaired
    • the types of repairs needed
    • the amount of outage hours the unit is off-line and unavailable
  • Downtime at peak hours incurs high replacement power costs (sometimes exceed ing $100,000 per day)

The Need:

  • Early detection of high pressure leaks so that damage is controlled
  • Advanced notice of leak problems to minimize costs due to damage
  • Controllable downtimes for repairs to lower power replacement costs

The Solution:

  • ALL™ is a leak detection and warning system designed for on-line monitoring of pressurized systems and valves
  • ALL™ tells you that problems are developing before the situation becomes serious
  • ALL™ provides the detailed data needed to make decisions–whether to make immediate repairs or simply schedule future maintenance at an opportune time
  • The Benefits of ALL™:

    • Significant Cost Savings–usually pays for itself after just one leak
    • Vital early warnings
    • Accurate leak location
    • ALL™ can detect leaks as small as 5 mils–long before make-up water warnings
    • Multiple Leak Detection Capability
    • Monitor Leaks Throughout: Boiler Steam Piping Feedwater Heaters Headers Valves Other Pressure Vessels
    • Flexible Output Options
    • Sophisticated and Accurate
    • Easy to Use

    Learn how ALL™ detects leaks in your boilers and high-pressure vessels

    Read a case study on how ALL™ works in a utility boiler much like yours