Acoustic Leak Locator for Pulp and Paper Mills

The Problem:

  • Recovery boiler tubes are subject to harsh conditions: furnace temperatures up to 2,500°F from combustion on one side, insulation on the other side, and pressurized free flowing water inside the tubes
  • These circumstances make boiler tubes susceptible to significant erosion and corrosion that threatens safety and presents environmental hazards
  • Smelt water explosions caused by erosion can be deadly or lead to the release of toxic gases into the environment
  • Shutting down the plant for regular tube inspection, is costly and substantially reduces overall mill productivity
  • Many boiler leaks go undetected for long periods of time. Small leaks will grow in size and/or cause larger, more destructive leaks on adjacent boiler tubes

Corrosion and erosion caused by harsh recovery boiler conditions

The Need:

  • Safety Issues: Early detection of high pressure leaks so that smelt-water explosions can be avoided
  • Cost Issues: Advanced notice of leak problems to minimize costs due to damage

The Solution:

  • ALL™ is a leak detection and warning system designed for on-line monitoring of pressurized systems and valves
  • ALL™ can detect leaks as small as 5 mils–long before the human ear can hear them
  • ALL™ tells you that problems are developing before the situation becomes serious

The Benefits of ALL™:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Vital Early Warnings
  • Accurate Leak Location
  • Multiple Leak Detection Capability
  • Monitor Leaks Throughout: Boiler Steam Piping Feedwater Heaters Headers Valves Other Pressure Vessels
  • Flexible Output Options
  • Sophisticated and Accurate
  • Easy to Use

Learn how ALL detects leaks in your mill

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