Steam Boiler Tube Leak Detection by Acoustic Monitoring International

The Acoustic Leak Locator (ALL™) System is the leading leak detection early warning instrument designed for on-line monitoring of steam generation equipment (power boilers, recovery boilers and Feedwater Heaters) for Utilities, the Pulp and Paper Industry, and Petrochemical Plants.

Liquid or gas leaks emit high frequency acoustic sound waves which are detected with this advanced technology.

First introduced by The Babcock and Wilcox Company in 1991, the ALL™ System has a documented history of success, and has been upgraded and refined by Acoustic Monitoring International, Inc. (AMI). AMI’s expertise springs from the fact that the original designer of the ALL™ System, Micheal R. Shaw, is AMI’s president.

Its modular design, modern microprocessor controls and flexible I/O options makes the Acoustic Leak Locator (ALL™) System readily suitable and very cost-effective for a variety of leak monitoring applications.

Eliminate costly unplanned boiler outages.

Unplanned outages cost you money. Undetected leaks create crises that you can avoid with early leak detection.

Eliminate smelt water explosions and costly plant shutdowns.

Early leak detection avoids smelt-water explosions and minimize costs due to damage.